Summer Camp vs World Cup 2010

I recently made a very important decision.  I made the choice to break the routine of the last two summers and opt out of working on TECS summer Camp. Looking back, this decision was taken rather hastily. I wonder if I it’s the right choice. A couple of weeks ago I received an e mail from the summer camp manager inviting me back as a teacher and offering me to apply for a management roll.

The first and all consuming thought was….The world cup! Bollocks. Bugger. I had some thinking to do. Does TECS stand a chance against Wayne Roooney , the world cup trophy and a bit of good old Oldham style hooliganism? About 3 years ago nothing would have stood a chance against the World cup or the European cup for that matter. The good old days of Annie and I down the Lonnie pub in Jesmond waiting for them to open to get the bet seat next to the big screen. That was uni. This is real life.

I told myself that I am now a little bit more mature and football is no longer what I live and breathe. Summer Camp has played such an important role in my personal development, my teaching skills not to mention my lovelife- TECS being the place I met Steve two summers ago. However, football is football and no matter how many years pass I don’t think I will ever lose my tomboyish personality and love for football. Don’t get me wrong, I am nowhere near as dedicated to my beloved Oldham Athletic as I used to be but the prospect of a summer world cup fest in England makes me tingle with excitement. No job, just football, food and probably copious amounts of beer. Especially If the sun comes out- it’s an offer not many Englishmen would be a able to refuse. I feel the need for a list!

Reasons for camp:

I love Summer Camp. (sad but true)

Seeing friends, especially Inge and Leigh

More teaching experience. (I’m missing it a little)


Money. (This probably should come further up on the list)

Singing cheesy camp songs like merrigaday, crocodile and na na na na na na na na na na na Jesus!! (again, sad but true)

Reasons for World cup:

No work.

England might actually win this  time. (I would never forgive myself if they won and I was in Spain)

Being in England for summer.(much better for my sensitive complexion)

Pubs and beer.

No camp food.

Rooooooooooney! (You can’t beat singing football chants. Even in the pub!)

The togetherness of the English popultion and the buzz in the streets.

Summer camp 6 – 7 World cup. This is not to say that the world cup wins solely on points. I think the world cup has to beat summer camp mainly because England have a great chance under a manager that seems to know exactly what he’s doing and I would be unimaginably gutted not to be there if we won. Also Summer camp isn’t going anywhere and although I will miss it there’s always next year. You can’t really apply this to the world cup: There’s always the next one in another 4 years doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. It’s too long to wait.

I know I mentioned that my decision had been made already not to work a summer camp but something was niggling at me. I wasn’t sure that I had thought it through properly. I just got excited thinking about arriving back in the UK after a long period away with an approaching world cup finals.

After my rambling, I feel much better about my decision but I guess I won’t really know if it was the right one until the summer comes.

Come on England!!!

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7 Responses to Summer Camp vs World Cup 2010

  1. Phillip Hopkins says:

    The money should be priority…but there is no way you’ll go to Summer Camp if Steve is still over in England watching the football.

    Mind you, I’d rather be in England than Scotland when the whole thing takes place…unfortunately, I don’t have choice.

    You have to ask yourself how much you will regret the decision when England fail to deliver and the whole bubble of optimism deflates like a wet Sunday afternoon, especially if Spain is still in with a shout and they are still partying in the streets and the Sun.

    Pessimistic? Maybe, but we’ve seen it all before…the hype, the expectancy…the inevitable. The thing is, you’ve made your decision, so you should stand by it…unless the Summer Camp make you an offer you can’t refuse.

    On the other hand, it could be a successful campaign and we could have that ‘Barbecue Summer’ that the weathermen promised us last year.

  2. Annie says:

    Haha what a dilemma! Do you really want to go back to camp though after what you were telling me about sharing dorms with 20 odd kids/having no sleep/not eating/crappy food??!!! But then i guess you have to do what you think is best. What would you do for work? And then, if you did get a job, would you still be able to watch the football depending on your working hours? To be honest, I don’t even know where the world cup is being held this year, I don’t have much interest any more although I know Paul is wanting me to go with him to watch the matches which I will.
    Maybe you should ask the magic eight ball???!!! I bet you can get an online version!

  3. Douglas says:

    Despite being the summer manager, I have a surpising amount of empathy with your dilema! However 15 years of summer camp work have got me used to (or as used to as I can get) to missing World and European Championships, although when every tournament passes I do still think back to those great days when my brother and I would sit through almost every game of the tournament but for me those days are sadly gone.

    All what matters is that you make the most of the decision and stick to it as I am sure both experiences would have had their pros and cons and at the end it comes down to you and your desire to triumpth and make the most of experiences (like you have made the most of camp the past 2 years).

    Like the look of your website, has given me some ideas for our blog!

    Keep living the good life and making the most of everything!

    • Stephen Lee says:

      I love camp but I love football more. Seeing those poor backward Spaniards last year unable to watch their fractious nation’s first ever major finals appearance due to the beginning of TECS Camp was enough to convince me that I NEVER want to miss a tornament that England are involved in!

      Sorry Dougie. We did talk long and hard about it and this was the only conclusion we could draw. It’s okay for you anyway: you’re Scottish!

  4. Mary says:

    Danni, ‘go for it girl’ – you didn’t need a list, you had two choices ‘work’ or ‘no work’ and with Stephen’s ever growing ‘sleight of hand’ you may never have to work again.

    Love, as ever, xx

    On another subject, after hearing about J D Salinger, I’m taking bets on some of your other authors!!


    • Stephen says:

      Don’t underestimate Danni. She’s on the prowl for some freelance work of her own.

      A good point about Salinger, though. I might try and get her to read Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell’s books!

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