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It’s been so long since I’ve blogged properly that I’ve almost forgotten how this works. Just this week I realised that I have stopped doing something that I really enjoy and feel proud of doing. After travelling last year I came back and preoccupied myself with the various tasks one has to after being out of the country for a while. You know, sorting out bank stuff, sim cards, visiting people all over, watching the world cup..oh and finding a job!

It was for these reasons that I failed to make the time to blog. Another reason may of been the fact that being in the UK seemed far less inspiring than than being in say Bolivia, Colombia or Argentina. I also lost my camera whilst in the latter and consequently added that the the list of excuses why not to blog.

I left the omnipresent Facebook (who by the way, only just permanently deleted my details after 9 months!) that no one seems to be able to peel themselves away from these days and started pie and gravy as a replacement. A way to spend my time better, improve my writing skills and thought processes and to have a better quality of correspondence with my friends. However, I’ve neglected to to fulfil this commitment to myself and my friends who now have little idea what’s going on with me or have forgotten that I’m still alive due to my non existence on Facebook.

After reading notsuchayummymummy’s latest blog about all the trials and tribulations, highs and mostly lows that have been going on in her life at the moment I felt inspired by the fact that she is not only still blogging twice a week but also seeing the funny side of everything shit that happens. I know that blogging again will make me save money to buy a camera- I need to get snapping again! Also, ok so I’m not in central or south America but there are always little things that trigger a blog no matter where you are.

Here is one example that tickled my blogging fancy earlier this week:

£100 cheque

This is Oldham Athletic’s Kieran Lee receiving his very well deserved £100 prize for player of the month. Is that not just the most ridiculous sized cheque for a measly hundred quid! That’ll probably buy him a bottle of Moet and Chandon in Oldham’s Liquid nightclub on Saturday night! Ahh the dizzy heights of league one!

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