Anyone for a brew?

Just before Christmas, a friend of mine from work gave us the idea of painting mugs when she requested one for her mother’s Christmas present. We instantly loved the idea and after the holidays we ordered the pens. They arrived last week and we put them into action yesterday.

The process is pretty simple. You use a special pencil to draw your designs, draw over them with the pens, add colour and put the mug in the oven for 90 mins! They’re a lot more finicky than shoes and clothes but well worth it when you see the end product.

So, guess what people are going to be getting for their birthday presents this year?!

My Big Bang Theory mug

My Big Bang Theory mug

Ale's Cthulhu mug

Ale’s Cthulhu mug

Stay tuned for more creations from Danni’s Designs and Sick Art.

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