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Orgullo Gay, Buenos Aires

Living in a youth hostel is proving to be hard work. Now, partying everyday may not seem like a chore but believe me after 2 weeks it starts to take it’s toll. Both Steve and I are looking forward to … Continue reading

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Biking through the vineyards of Mendoza

Last week we left Buenos Aires and travelled north west to Mendoza. There, we were greeted with sunshine and snow covered mountains. We spent a week in a lovely family run hostel where we mainly worked on the website, cooked … Continue reading

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Travelling in style

We landed in Buenos Aires a week ago and hung out for a while at the very lovely Puerto Limon hostel in San Telmo. We soon decided that BA would be a drain on our finances and so swiftly took … Continue reading

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Hurtling towards 30

I stand still as as another birthday flashes by. I can’t believe how quick the years are passing. I missed my parents especially this year, but I was fortunate enough to spend it in one of the most beautiful places … Continue reading

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Beautiful Bolivia

During the last two weeks I have visited in my opinion two of the most special and breathtaking places on this continent. I always considered Scotland to be the most beautiful country that I had ever seen with its deep … Continue reading

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A whole new experience

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in Quito, Ecuador. Steve and I are in a taxi heading towards the Casablanca, home to Liga de Quito, the current champions of the Copa Libertadores  – South America’s equivalent to the Champions League. Steve … Continue reading

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The Caribbean and a near death experience

So we left Bogotá over a week ago ready to brave the hot sun of the Caribbean once again. We arrived at the airport rushing around to find a telly showing the Blues vs Wolves game. We had no joy … Continue reading

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