Geek Art: The Big Bang Theory

After having rejected TBBT a couple of months ago, I have finally been turned, thanks to my parents, boyfriend and flatmate. Lately, I’m absolutely loving Sheldon and Co.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that when I get into something, I can be just ever so slightly obsessive.

This obsessive tendancy, plus a rainy day in Sanlúcar on a national holiday in Spain, inspired the picture below. I drew the silhouettes of the characters, took a photo and then had a play around with the image on Photoshop. I hope you like it!

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Dale Designs: Game of Thrones shoes # 2

These are the second pair of shoes that I have designed with the help of my wonderful boyfriend, Alejandro.  I would like to thank him for introducing me to this new hobby and sharing one of his many talents with me.

Like the previous pair, the designs are based on Game of Thrones characters and were designed for a good friend of ours, Keara, who is a big fan of the female courage and strength found in Daenerys Targeryen, Mother of Dragons and Arya of House Stark.

Keep a look out on Pieandgravy for more Dale Designs and feel free to contact me if you have any requests for a pair of Geeked-up shoes!

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Dale Designs: Game of Thrones shoes # 1

Calling all geeks and frikis…. check out these shoes by “Dale Designs”.

This weekend, we put our collaborative creation skills to the test and spent a lovely, relaxing Sunday afternoon designing these beautiful shoes of which we are very proud.

We hope that you like them, and feel free to get in contact if you would like a pair of custom designed shoes. All themes welcome! 🙂

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Fleece Lightning

A friend of mine, here in Cadiz,  has recently designed and released a clever game for the i pod and i pad called Fleece Lightning.  If you are into games, download the game now! Ross is a great guy and deserves to do well with this game that he has put so much effort into making.

Steve and some friends of ours spent last week making this hilarious and fantastically edited video to go along with the game. We would all appreciate your comments and support.

Go Fleece Lightning!

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Semana Santa 2012

During Easter week Cadiz is awash with holy processions. This show of sombre emotions lasts all week and makes getting to your house or anywhere else for that matter nigh on impossible.

Each day, various enormous floats with Jesus statues perched on top, (each pulling a different face)  leave a random church and slowly make their way around the old part of the city. Following each of these floats are the penitents who, to anyone not Spanish, look disturbingly like the Klu Klux Klan. For foreigners living here, the first Semana Santa can be a harrowing experience. Those of you have witnessed this will know that this is no exaggeration.

When one of the processions came down our street last week, I managed to get a few snaps. The more interesting ones turned out to be of when the floats stopped for a while in the street in order to give the men, who are hidden underneath them bearing all the weight, a break.


We love you Jesus, we do!

I cant take any more of this!

That's devotion. Or madness.

Stay tuned.

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Who needs Greggs anyway?

So this week’s new budget saw a 2o% VAT put on hot pies and pasties in the UK.  The “pasty tax” has caused outcry amongst the British public, not least, the angry readership of the Sun newspaper who have started an online petition against it. Gregg’s food chain has seen the value of its shares drop significantly as it is speculated that the price of a pasty could increase by as much as 50p.

I, however,  have my own solution to offer. Why go to Gregg’s and pay £1.50 for a generic pasty with an over salted tasteless filling when for a couple of quid more you can make a batch of your own with fresh ingredients and to your taste? Veggie, lamb, beef, spicy, cheesy….you name it. Once you learn how to make the pastry and do the crimp, the possibilities are endless.

Take a look at this video that I made shortly after I discovered the art of pasty making in Bogotá, Colombia.

Let me know how you get on making your own pasties!

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Sand Art

Cadiz is a special city with a distinct feel to it. For this reason, the city attracts all different types of people from all over the word. You never have to look far to find  interesting and talented people.

Take a look at this sand art done on la Caleta beach a couple of weekends ago. I imagine it only got washed away today as we’ve had the first rain in weeks.

impressive detail

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